Camfil GSX6 Dust Collection Solution for a Metals Processing Plant


A local metals processing plant, recently equipped with a new CNC laser cutting table, was facing a potential disaster in the making with the resulting aluminum and carbon steel metal fines.

The NFPA’s Industrial Fire Hazards Handbook states, “any industrial process that reduces a combustible material and some normally non-combustible materials to a finely divided state presents a potential for a serious fire or explosion.”


When oxidized aluminum fines are mixed with oxidized steel fines, they become explosive under certain circumstances.


Upon reviewing the application, two Camfl GSX6 dust collection units were recommended to collect the fines and divert the particles safely. The collectors, equipped US Duct Clamp Together Duct (CTD) and a sealed motorized diverter, were engineered to interlock with the CNC laser table to determine the diverter setting, and which collector to start up. Timed start up and shutdown to clear ducting was also ensured as an added feature to ensure 24/7 clean operation. The addition of these new industry leading collection units offers a safe and infallible way of collecting aluminum and carbon fines created from the laser cutting process. Contact your local sales engineer to learn more about the most durable, versatile and cost efficient dust collectors on the market for metal cutting applications.