Goulds 3296 EZ-MAG Solution for a Food & Beverage Plant Facing Recurring Seal Failures


A local food & bev plant had an anhydrous exothermic reactor operating at temperatures of 260F or more. The resultant process fluid was being pumped by a conventional ANSI process pump with a double mechanical seal with a complex CPI Plan 53A support system. The barrier fluid was a compatible solvent with poor lubricity at the process temperature. Seal failure was frequent resulting in downtime and costly repairs.


Frequent and costly mechanical seal failures.


The plant consulted with Brownlee-Morrow for a reliable solution and the Goulds Model 3296 EZ-MAG seal less mag-drive pump in 316SS construction with Dryguard bearings was selected. The 3296 is ANSI dimensional, so a drop-in replacement needed no changes to piping, baseplate, coupling, or the motor. The elaborate seal support system was eliminated. Dryguard bearings, with diamond-like carbon, ensures safe operation during brief periods of dry run.

The first 3296 EZ-MAG has operated flawlessly for over 7 years and a second was recently installed in a 24/7 recirculation service of the same process fluid. Neither has required maintenance. Our sales engineers welcome the challenge to tackle your toughest fluid handling applications. Contact us to learn more about the Goulds 3296 EZ-MAG.