Hartzell Fiberglass Ventilation Fans at a Metals Processing Plant


A local metals processing plant had major reliability issues with existing roof exhaust fans. Fumes from chemical processes in this part of the plant can often contain ammonia, caustics, or acids. These fumes, as well as heat, needed to be removed from the work environment in order to keep workers safe and productive.

The plant has often worked with Brownlee-Morrow Company for help with ventilation fans, louvers, process fans, and dust collection systems. They contacted their local sales engineer for assistance with improving ventilation and fan reliability in this critical part of their process area.


Many of the existing metallic fans had become inoperable due to severe corrosion, and many others needed significant repairs and maintenance to keep them running due to the harsh environment.


Upon reviewing the application, Hartzell Fan fiberglass upblast roof ventilators were recommended and sized to meet the ventilation needs of this work area. The inoperable metal fans were replaced, and new Hartzell Series 37 fans were installed over the existing roof openings. Now, with the roof exhaust fans running reliably, any corrosive fumes that may vent from the top of process reactors/tanks are quickly exhausted from the room and fresh air is drawn-in through lower side wall openings in areas where workers are most often present. Fiberglass fan construction has proven to be the long-lasting solution for ventilating environments that see corrosive fumes/vapors. Contact your local Brownlee-Morrow sales engineer to learn more about Hartzell fiberglass fans with their solid, one-piece molded fiberglass propellers and rugged, industrial-duty design.