2″ Clamped Metal

Manufacturer: Versamatic

For decades, this classic style offers a simple clamped design, making pumping easy. With over a million installed globally, the trusted design of the 2" clamped metal ATEX pump features a maximum flow rate of 185 gpm (700 lpm). This ATEX compliant air operated double diaphragm (AODD) pump is suitable for use in potentially hazardous environments when the equipment is properly grounded. This pump is dimensionally interchangeable with Wilden 8 Clamped Series.

ATEX Diaphragm Pump Safety Benefits:
• Fully groundable
• No isolated metallic hardware components
• Electrically conductive materials of construction
• Electrostatic discharges are dissipated in a continual current path throughout the pump to a natural ground (translation: groundable)

Flow Rate0-185 gpm (700-lpm)

Port Size Suction2” NPT

Port Size Discharge2” NPT

Air Inlet½" NPT

Air Exhaust1" NPT

Suction Lift Dry17' (5.2 m)

Suction Lift Wet32' (9.8 m)

Max Solid Size (Diameter)¼" (6.4 mm)

Max Noise Level96 dB(A)

Shipping Weight Aluminum65 lbs (29.5 kg)

Shipping Weight Cast Iron113 lbs (51.3 kg)

Shipping Weight Stainless106 lbs (48.1 kg)

Shipping Weight **Stainless Center Add31 lbs (68.3 kg)