Type 2800E

Manufacturer: John Crane

Non contacting, Gas lubricated Seals for Small bore Rotating Equipment

The rotating mating ring features micromachined spiral grooves that compress an inert barrier gas and create a lifting force on the primary seal faces. Gas lubricated non contacting seal faces operate without friction and without added heat. No seal liquid is used, which preserves 100 percent product purity. Pressurized dual cartridge design ensures zero point zero emissions, and reverse balanced seal faces ensure 100 percent containment in the event of barrier gas pressure loss. No parasitic horsepower losses and extremely durable seal design provide very low cost of operation and ownership.

• Titanium edge welded metal bellows ideal for chlorine, chlorine dioxide and ferric chloride services

• Static secondary seal

• Available in single or dual arrangements, shaft mounted or in a cartridge

• Optimum 45 degree tilt angle

• Only one moving part: the bellow

• Pressure balanced by design

• Available with hard faces for abrasive applications

• Rotating bellows for self cleaning design

TEMPERATURE LIMITS400°F to 5000°F/ 40°C to 260°C


SPEED LIMITS1450 to 3600 rpm

OTHER25mm to 100mm/1.0