Type 2800EH

Manufacturer: John Crane

Externally Mounted, Gas lubricated, Non contacting Cartridge Double Seal for Pumps

The John Crane Type 2800EH is a non contacting dual seal for non turbo small bore rotating equipment applications, meeting the requirements of standards such as ISO3069C and DIN 24960.

• Highest reliability in sealing volatile fluids

• Positive sealing of high purity fluids with virtually no process contamination

• No damage to pump from corrosive fluids leakage

• Zero emissions to atmosphere

• Simple to install

• Pump cavitation and dry running does not affect seal performance

• Low running costs

• Low energy usage

TEMPERATURE LIMITS400°F to 5000°F/ 400°C to 2600°C


SPEED LIMITS300 to 1450 rpm

OTHER25mm to 100mm