Type 2874

Manufacturer: John Crane

Non contacting Dual Gas Seal Cartridge for Pumps
The Type 2874 is an internally pressurized, gas lubricated, non contacting dual cartridge seal designed for use in API, ANSI and DIN large bore seal chambers.

• ID to OD pumping spiral groove arrangement places process fluid at the OD of the inboard seal.

• Eliminates low flow regions in close proximity to inboard seal

• Reduces dewatering and hang up

• Rotating mating ring imparts centrifugal flow to fluid in the seal chamber, which keeps fluid moving and helps prevent solids from falling out of solution.

TEMPERATURE LIMITS30°F to 500°F/ 34°C to 260°C

PRESSURE LIMITSVacuum to 600 psi(g)/(41 bar(g) - -Maximum differential pressure (process/inbd) is 150 psi(g) -

SPEED LIMITS1450 to 3600 rpm - -Consult engineering for low-or high speed designs. -

OTHER1.375 to 4.000" - -Consult engineering for non standard sizes.