Type 28SC

Manufacturer: John Crane

Non contacting Secondary Containment Seal

The 28SC is a gas lubricated, non contacting secondary containment seal, which is applied as a component of a multiple seal cartridge. Secondary containment seals are intended to contain primary seal leakage in the event of a primary seal failure. Patented bi directional seal face pattern provides non contacting operation, preserving the seal faces until the seal is required to seal primary seal leakage.

• Unbalanced primary ring and a very short design length.

• The design of the secondary O ring enables reliability in a vacuum environment - a circumstance common in Plan 02 containment chamber designs.

• Non contacting operation ensures like new seal faces until primary seal leakage is encountered, where the 28SC operates as a full face contacting containment seal.

TEMPERATURE LIMITS32°F to 400°F/0°C to 205°C

PRESSURE LIMITSDry: 45 psi(g)/3 bar(g) - -Wet: 600 psi(g)/40 bar(g)

SPEED LIMITS5000fpm/25m/s