3/8″ Bolted Plastic

Manufacturer: Versamatic

Small yet powerful, Versamatic’s ⅜" (10mm) bolted plastic air operated double diaphragm (AODD) pump can pump up to 6.8 gpm (26 lpm). Featuring a patented air valve system, count on this AODD pump to provide non stalling, non icing, lube free operation. The ⅜" pump can be mounted upright, sideways and even inverted to adapt to your application. The manifolds rotate 90⁰, so you can adjust your porting orientation.

Available in Polypropylene and Kynar® materials, this pump is:
• Compact
• Powerful
• Adaptable
• Versatile
• Dependable
• Repairable

For a mini AODD pump that delivers the max, turn to Versamatic’s ⅜" pump.

Flow Rate0-6.8 gpm (25.7 lpm)

Port Size Suction⅜" NPT(BSP)

Port Size Discharge⅜" NPT(BSP)

Air Inlet¼" NPT

Air Exhaust¼" NPT

Suction Lift Dry8'(2.44 m)

Max Solid Size (Diameter)0.10" (2.25 mm)

Max Noise Level78 dB(A)

Shipping Weight Polypropylene3 lbs (1.40-kg)

Shipping Weight Kynar4.5 lbs (2.04 kg)