3″ Clamped Metal (FDA)

Manufacturer: Versamatic

Versamatic’s 3" (76mm) clamped stainless steel air operated double diaphragm (AODD) pump is a food processing pump that is built with FDA compliant materials for specialty food processing applications. This pump comes standard with tri clamp connections to meet your food grade transfer needs quickly and reliably.

This 3" AODD pump delivers high flow rates, handles solids and offers fast maintenance.
Additionally, this FDA diaphragm pump is ATEX compliant and widely available in models complying with (EC) No 1935/2004 for Food Contact Materials.

FDA Diaphragm Pump Features
• Smooth, clean (and shiny) casting finish: Electropolished to a surface finish of 150 µ in (Ra 3.81 µ m) internally and externally
• Extended life diaphragm: Available with an integrated plate PTFE diaphragm
• Hygienic wing nuts for easy assembly
• Chemical resistant air section materials: Protect against chemical attacks during operation and/or the sanitization process
• Exclusive air valve system: Delivers excellent on/off/on reliability, longevity and efficiency
• Tri clamped connections: For quick disassembly, easy sanitization and reassembly
• Clamped constructions: Quick teardown and reassembly

Flow Rate0-234 gpm (886 lpm)

Port Size Suction3" Tri Clamp

Port Size Discharge3" Tri Clamp

Air Inlet½" NPT

Air Exhaust1" NPT

Suction Lift Dry20' (6.1 m)

Suction Lift Wet32' (9.8 m)

Max Particle Size⅜" (1.6 mm)

Max Noise Level96 dB(A)

Shipping Weight Stainless189 lbs (86 kg)

Shipping Weight **Stainless Center Add50-lbs (22.7 kg)