Manufacturer: ITT Goulds

Goulds 3196 i FRAME Process Centrifugal Pump. When the Goulds 3196 ANSI Standard Dimension Process Centrifugal Pump was first introduced in 1961, it immediately became the standard in the industry. Today, the number of installations attest to its remarkable performance. Users in chemical, petrochemical, pulp & paper, primary metals, food & beverage and general industries know they can make no better choice than the best Goulds Model 3196.

3196 Pumps now featuring i FRAME® Intelligent Monitoring

Goulds i FRAME Power Ends are the result of over 160 years of design experience, customer interaction, and continuous improvement. Customers get extended MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) and lower LCC (Life Cycle Cost)€¦.guaranteed!

• Capacities to 7000 GPM (1590 m 3 /h)
• Heads to 730 feet (223 m)
• Temperatures to 700° F (371° C)
• Pressures to 375 PSIG (26 bar)
• Fully Open Impeller
• Engineered Seal Chambers
• Patented Taperbore„¢ PLUS Seal Chamber
• BigBore„¢ Seal Chambers
• i FRAME Power Ends
• Onboard Condition Monitoring
• Inpro VBXX D Hybrid Bearing Isolators
• Optimized Sump Design
• Premium Severe Duty Thrust Bearings
• LTi Power End for High Load Applications
• Engineered Pump Mounting Systems
• Back Pull out Design
• External Impeller Adjustment
• Maximum Interchangeability
• Optional C Face Motor Adapter
• Optimum Hydraulic Performance
• Fully Open Impeller
• Full 50/60 Hz Coverage
• 29 Sizes
• Pump Selection Software
• Heavy Duty Casings
• Hydrostatic Testing of All Pressure Retaining Components
• ANSI B15.1 Coupling Guard
• Ductile Iron Frame Adapter
• Optional Shaft Guard