Manufacturer: ITT Goulds

Goulds 3299 Heavy duty Lined Chemical Pumps. The 3299 is designed specifically to handle corrosives that require the universal corrosion resistance of PFA . As a sealless design, it's an effective alternative to pumps with mechanical seal problems. Meets strictest EPA regulations.
The standard frame mounted configuration provides rugged dependable service for the most severe applications.

• Capacities to 425 GPM (95 m 3 /h)
• Heads to 490 feet (150 m)
• Temperatures to 360° F (180° C)
• Pressures to 275 PSIG (19 bar)
• PFA Construction for Universal Corrosion Resistance to 360°F (180°C)
• Virgin PFA is virtually inert to all chemicals. PFA lined casing, bearing carrier, containment shell, and one piece impeller/shaft assembly provide superior corrosion resistance and long life, unequalled by alloy pumps. (Optional PVDF)
• The 3299/MNK A is sealless and environmentally safe. No mechanical seal assures zero leakage on moderate to severe corrosives and hazardous liquids. A great solution to a pump with mechanical seal problems.
• PFA lining with carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) shell. Non metallic construction provides efficiencies the same or better than sealed ANSI pumps; 30% higher efficiencies than metal sealless pumps. Non metallic construction eliminates magnet losses or heat generation. CFRP shell provides rigid support for the liner and acts as a secondary method of containment should the primary liner fail.
• Assures containment shell integrity in the unlikely event of a ball bearing failure. Provides safe support of drive magnet in the clamp ring during assembly and disassembly.
• Provide the corrosion resistance and durability of silicon carbide with short term dry run capability without the catastrophic failure modes of standard silicon carbide in a dry run situation.
• No centrifugal pump is designed to run dry for extended periods of time. Goulds recommends that pumps are protected with a power monitor. Easy to install and easy to operate, power monitors will ensure extended time between planned maintenance for the 3299 or any other pump in the facility.
• Ductile iron casing, adapter, and bracket provide rugged, dependable service in the most severe applications. Designed for pressure up to 275 PSIG (19 bar) and temperatures to 360°F (180°C).
• Enclosed design minimizes axial thrust, extends thrust bearing life. One piece construction eliminates front shroud failures possible with two piece impellers. Large metal core improves mechanical strength. Integral PFA lined shaft and impeller optimizes corrosion resistance, strength, and durability of a stainless steel shaft, eliminating the chances of stress fractures associated with silicon carbide shafts.
• The 3299/MNK A is available in frame mounted or close coupled designs for true installation or pump replacement flexibility. Since the 3299/MNK A meets ANSI dimensional standards, retrofitting mechanically sealed ANSI pumps is easy: simply replace the old pump with the equivalent frame mounted or close coupled ANSI size MNK A/3299.
• Reliable sealing compatible with the pumped fluids without the worry of gasket blowout.