Type 3648

Manufacturer: John Crane

API 682 qualified, Dual Pressurized Cartridge, Type "A" O ring Pusher Seal

The Type 3648 is a high performance, low emission cartridge seal designed for maximum containment of hazardous fluids and light hydrocarbons. Its inboard seal is double balanced to provide a positive seal with pressure from either direction. The outboard seal retains the barrier fluid using either an API Flush Plan 53 or 54. The Type 3648 seal can be utilized as a Type 2648 within specified limits (consult us for additional information).

• Qualification tested per API 682

• Complies with API 682 technical design requirements

• Standard materials, per API 682

• Fits API 682 Table 1 and 2 seal chambers

• Computer optimized, low emission seal face designs

TEMPERATURE LIMITS40°F to 500°F/ 40°C to 260°

PRESSURE LIMITS1000 psi(g)/69 bar(g)

SPEED LIMITS5000fpm/25m/s