Type 3710

Manufacturer: John Crane

Compact Cartridge O ring Split Seal
The Type 3710 mechanical seal uses our advanced split seal technology to meet today's environmental guidelines as well as future regulations. Its unique, easy to install design readily adapts to horizontal and vertical equipment.

With more than 30 years of split seal experience, from sophisticated marine propeller shaft seals to thousands of industrial pump and mixer applications, John Crane has established itself as the worldwide expert in split seal technology.

Hydraulically pressure balanced design ensures seal integrity during system upsets.
Unitized finger springs are non clogging and provide positive drive to the stationary seal face.
The Type 3710 eliminates the need to dismantle any piece of equipment, large or small.
Its fully split design can be installed in less than 30 minutes, either on the packing sleeve or directly on the shaft.


PRESSURE LIMITSVacuum to 200 psi(g)/13.7 bar(g)

SPEED LIMITSUp to 62mm/2.500": 3600 rpm Between 62mm/2.500" and 135mm/5.250": 1800 rpm Over 135mm/5.250": 900 rpm