Manufacturer: ITT Goulds

Goulds 3910 API 610 (OH3) Vertical In Line Process Pumps. Goulds Model 3910 API 610 (OH3) vertical in line pump provides benefits of low installation costs and space savings...without compromising reliability, maintainability, safety or hydraulic performance.

• Capacities to 6000 GPM (1360 m3/h)
• Heads to 750 feet (230 m)
• Temperatures to 650° F (340° C)
• Pressures from full vacuum to 600 PSIG (42 Bar)
• Shaft and bearings are same as used with Goulds Model 3700 horizontal process pump. Proven design preferred for toughest services.
• The 3910 suction design is the result of extensive model and full scale testing. NPSH requirements are minimized. Design assures streamlined, even flow into impeller eye; reduces losses encountered in conventional suction designs.
• Absorbs and dissipates heat conducted through the shaft. Heat flinger also circulates air between liquid end and power end to reduce heat build up.
• Multiple Impellers available with all pump sizes. Accommodates specific user operating requirements for trouble free operation
.• Optional Pump Supports provide additional support and stability of entire unit during installation and maintenance
.• Optional Cooled Sealed Chamber reduces heat radiated to power end and bearings, and allows added flexibility of choice of lubrication.
• Pure oil mist available to meet customer requirements and to handle higher temperature pumpages.
• Choice of Motors: The 3910 power end absorbs all hydraulic loads, and allows use of standard C Face motors. However, the 3910 will readily accept P Base motors.