Manufacturer: ITT Goulds

Goulds 3996 In Line Process Pumps. Goulds 3996 process pump line is specifically designed to provide superior performance for in line services of the Chemical Process Industries.

• Capacities to 1400 GPM (318 m3/h)
• Heads to 700 feet (213 m)
• Temperatures to 500° F (260° C)
• Pressures to 375 PSIG (2586 kPa)
• The 3996 is designed for optimum reliable service ...shaft size and overhang are optimized to provide maximum seal and bearing life...precision fits provide built in alignment between pump and motor (field alignment not required). Hydraulic and mechanical loads are carried by the pump, not by special motors (the 3996 uses standard C face motors).
• In line pumps have become increasingly popular with users due to minimal floor space required and reduced installation costs. Installation is simple since the unit is mounted direct in the line like a valve. Field alignment is not required and the unit is not subject to misalignment due to pipe strain or temperature changes.
• A variety of pumps are available including close coupled, rigid coupled, and flexibly coupled/intregal bearing designs.
• Reduced Maintenance Costs

• On tough pumping services, especially corrosives and slurries, mechanical seals require outside flush and constant, costly attention. Even then, seal failures are common, resulting in downtime.
Goulds offers the ANSI PLUS TM Dynamic Seal which, simply by fitting a repeller between the stuffing box and impeller, eliminates the need for a mechanical seal.
• External seal water not required
• Elimination of pumpage contamination and product dilution
• Reduces utility cost
• No need to treat seal water
• Eliminates problems associated with piping from a remote source
• At start up, the repeller functions like an impeller, and pumps liquid and solids from the stuffing box. When pump is shut down, packing (illustrated) or other type of secondary seal prevents pumpage from leaking.
• Besides being available as a complete unit, any Goulds 3996 can be easily field converted to Dynamic Seal.
• Retrofit kits are readily available.
• Goulds engineered seal chambers are designed to accept a wide range of sealing arrangements to meet user requirements.
• The unique flow path created by the patented Vane Particle Ejector directs solids away from the mechanical seal, not towards the seal as with other tapered bore designs. And, the amount of solids entering the bore is minimized. Air and vapors are also efficiently removed.

• On services with or without solids, air or vapors, Goulds TaperBoreTMPLUS is the effective solution for extended seal and pump life and lower maintenance costs.
• Your Goulds representative will gladly recommend the best solution for your service.