Type 4610

Manufacturer: John Crane

Compact, General duty, Single Cartridge O ring Seal

The Type 4610 single cartridge seal, available off the shelf the world over, combines affordability with fluid sealing dependability. It's the complete solution for sealing satisfaction in general industrial applications.

It meets key industry pump standards and is designed to permit use in rotating shaft equipment, including ANSI/DIN pumps, close coupled pumps, vertical pumps and similar rotating shaft equipment.

• Running face design optimized using proprietary computer simulation program technology.

• Premium grade carbon and silicon carbide are standard.

• Robust pin drive provides positive torque transmission.

• Hydraulically balanced for optimal performance.

• Non clogging, crest to crest wave spring

• Less prone to corrosion problems

• Uniform face loading

• Unique centralizing ring eliminates setting clips and prevents component damage from over compression during seal fitting.

• Compact cartridge design with precise investment cast gland plate design.

• Four bolt gland accurately sets the seal axially and radially.

• Large flush connection drilling ensures optimum flow and allows seal chamber venting for horizontal and vertical applications.

• Factory preset and pressure tested assembly.


PRESSURE LIMITS300 psi(g)/20.7 bar(g) process pressure