Type 48XP

Manufacturer: John Crane

High performance Cartridge, Multi spring, O ring Pusher Seal with Lubrication enhancing and Controlled leakage Features

Patented John Crane Laserface® interface groove technology. The Type 48XPVL is a new and innovative technology that has been developed to maximize the performance and reliability of liquid lubricated mechanical seals. John Crane Laserface technology enhances seal face lubrication and minimizes seal leakage under demanding operating conditions.

• Seal life extended by full seal face lubrication at low leakage levels.

• Combines a series of structures on one of the seal ring components.

• The inlet structure generates a strong hydrodynamic pressure force, separating the faces with a reliable fluid film.

• Unique return structures return the interface fluid to the sealed fluid, significantly reducing leakage to atmosphere.

• Designed to comply with API 682.

• Computer optimized design provides reliability with vapor pressure margins beyond the scope of API682 applications.

• Dimensionally, the seal is interchangeable with other Type 48 seals.

TEMPERATURE LIMITS40°F to 500°F/ 40°C to 260°C

PRESSURE LIMITS600 psi(g)/40 bar(g)

SPEED LIMITS5000fpm/25m/s