Type 5610D/5620D

Manufacturer: John Crane

Universal Cartridge Seal Family - Wet/Dry running Seal

The specially engineered, fully interchangeable wet/dry running seal head extends the functionality of the 5600 product line for standard ANSI and large bore pumps.

The exact combination of face loading and material selection incorporated into this optimized design permits operation in both wet and dry conditions.

The Type 5610D is a single cartridge using the special O ring pusher wet/dry running seal head.

The Type 5620D is a dual cartridge arrangement having a standard Type 5600 seal inboard and the special O ring pusher dry running containment seal outboard.

• Fits ANSI B73.1M, ISO 2858 seal chambers

• Cartridge seal design

• Optimized primary ring for low emission performance

• Set screwless outboard seal drive

• Register fit enlarged bore gland plate

• Reversible seal head for rotating and stationary operation

• Dry running secondary containment seal standard on 5620D dual seal


PRESSURE LIMITS300 psi(g)/21 bar(g)

SPEED LIMITS5000fpm/25m/s