Type 5840

Manufacturer: John Crane

Cost effective Cartridge Slurry Seal
Our Type 5840 single cartridge seal encompasses many of the advantages associated with heavy duty seal design, encased in a cost effective package. Designed for the volume requirements associated with general mining processing duties, it contains robust primary and secondary seal face materials, making it the perfect general purpose seal for slurry applications.

• Non clogging, elastomer encased cone spring applies constant spring load, eliminating dynamic O rings.
• Hydraulically balanced design with no sliding O rings to cause hang up.
• Operates without flush, removing the need for circulation plans.
• Operates with or without water quench.
• Cartridge configuration allows for ease of installation.
• Standard materials specified to meet the requirements of many duties; alternatives available where required.
• Fully interchangeable with many designs already installed in the field.

TEMPERATURE LIMITS167°F to 248°F/75°C to 120°C with water quench

PRESSURE LIMITS300 psi(g)/21 bar(g)

SPEED LIMITS50fps/15m/s

STANDARD MATERIALSWetted metal components: Duplex, Stainless steel Other metal components: 302 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel Sealing rings: Silicon carbide Elastomers: Tetrafluoroethylene/propylene, copolymer (TFE/P)