Type 609

Manufacturer: John Crane

High temperature, Rotating Edge welded Metal Bellows Seal

The Type 609 is a high temperature (to 425°C/800°F) rotating seal head assembly that incorporates all of the rugged features of the Type 604, but is intended for those demanding applications where a dependable, high strength, rotating seal is preferred. A narrow cross section design enables the Type 609 to fit in the most popular pumps without expensive and time consuming seal chamber modifications. This makes it the ideal seal for heat transfer, hydrocarbon and other applications that commonly use pumps with limited seal chamber clearances. Typical applications include hot hydrocarbons, aqueous solutions, aromatic fractionation products, crude oil fractionation products and heat transfer fluids.

• John Crane edge welded metal bellows in Alloy 718 or optional heat treated AM350 SS.

• DOUBLE PLY for high pressure applications.

• High temperature to 425°C/800°F.

• API 682 qualified.

• Available in dual and single cartridge arrangements.

• Available with secondary containment.

• Elastomer free design with flexible carbon graphite secondary seals.

• Seal face is available with premium grade carbon, silicon carbide, or tungsten carbide.

TEMPERATURE LIMITS100°F to 800°F/ 75°C to 425°C with flexible graphite static packing

PRESSURE LIMITSVacuum to 360 psi(g)/25 bar(g) - -DOUBLE PLY: Vacuum to 1000 psi(g)/69 bar(g) - -(See Basic Pressure Ratings curve on Product Specification sheet.) -

SPEED LIMITS5000fpm/25m/s