Type 676

Manufacturer: John Crane

Low temperature, AM350 Metal Bellows Shaft Seal for Mild Corrosive Services

The Type 676, with a rotating AM350 stainless steel bellows, is well suited for mild corrosive and abrasive applications. Available with hard faces for abrasive applications and a wide variety of secondary seals that cover a broad range of applications.

• Static secondary seal - available in single or dual arrangements, shaft mounted or in a cartridge; manufactured with a 45 degree tilt edge at the bellows' inside diameter to disperse stresses and maximize operating life.

• Superior nesting ripple plate shape with a three sweep radius; this plate design allows the bellows device to be flexed repeatedly without the metal being stressed beyond its endurance limit.

• Self cleaning design - rotating bellows throw off suspended particles that clog spring type seals. This self cleaning action eliminates the need for external flushing, filters or cyclone separators and their associated costs.

• World class bellows manufacture - our bellows production facility has an outstanding manufacturing process with state of the art stamping, welding and testing technology.

• The Sealol® bellows incorporate all of the design features resulting from key engineering competencies, such as metallic thin shell methodology, tribology and fluid sealing technology, and thin film/fluid mechanics.

TEMPERATURE LIMITS100°F to 400°F/ 75°C to 200°

PRESSURE LIMITSVacuum to 360 psi(g)/25 bar(g)

SPEED LIMITS5000fpm/25m/s