Manufacturer: ITT Goulds

Goulds 7200CB API 610 (BB5) Barrel Multistage Pumps.
The Goulds 7200CB barrel pump conforms to the latest edition of API 610 (Type BB5). The 7200CB BB5 barrel pump is a high temperature, high pressure low specific gravity barrel pump for critical services.

• Capacity to 4000 GPM (910 m3/h)
• Total Dynamic Head to 9000 feet (2740 m)
• Temperature to 800ËšF (425ËšC)
• Pressure to 4000 PSIG (275 Bar)
• Operating Speeds to 6000 RPM
• Impeller Arrangements In line diffuser type design.
• Diffusers / Impellers Metal to metal stage casing fits. Key driven and shrink fit impellers secured against axial movement in both directions.
• Fully Shrouded Diffuser Standard Increases reliability by nearly eliminating diffuser fatigue.
• Low Vibration Design Precision investment impeller castings and dynamically balanced rotor for low vibration.
• Robust Rotor Design With large stepped shaft and higher L3 / D4 ratios
• Pull Out Cartridge Assembly Stage casings sealed by discharge pressure. Cartridge removed on larger pumps with cartridge assembled.
• Barrel Outer Casing Centerline mount, radial split, full design pressure. Cast barrel and nozzles. Custom nozzle locations / orientation available.
• Balance Drum Designed over allowable flow range and clearances to reliability balance axial forces.
• Rigid 360° Bearing Bracket For heavy duty service and low vibration levels.
• Bearings Ball radial and duplex thrust. Pressure lubricated sleeve radial / tilting pad thrust. INPROTM frictionless isolators
• Flanges Heavy duty class 900#, 1500#, and 2500# RF or RTJ flanges. 600# and 900# available on suction flange.
• API 682 Seals Accept a wide variety of seals, seal options and flush plans per API 610 and API 682.
• Integral Wear Parts Variety of API metallic and API non metallic materials and coatings available.