Type 8610

Manufacturer: John Crane

Balanced Stationary Multi spring Single Mechanical Seal

The seal is suited to a whole host of offshore, refinery and process industry duties. Its robust construction and proven heritage make it ideal for remote pipeline installations.

• Silicon carbide mating ring for high face stability and efficient heat dissipation

• Cranite primary ring for face stability and resistance to abrasion

• Optional ACR (Armoured Composite Ring) for high strength in reverse pressure operation

• John Crane Laserface® technology for increased fluid film stiffness and reduced heat generation under high loads

• ESR (Elastomer Support Ring) isolates seal faces from component induced distortions and minimise friction

• Stationary springs are unaffected by centrifugal forces for high speed operation

• Polymer Support Rings for excellent process compatibility and prevention of hang up

• Multi point injection for effective cooling and minimizes asymmetric face distortions

STANDARD MATERIALSSeal faces - -Cranite vs. SiC/WC - -50 to 300°C - -Carbon vs. SiC - -50 to 250°CO Rings/Secondary Seals - -Fluorocarbon - -25 to 200°C (Hydrocarbon)

PRESSURE LIMITSVacuum to 200 bar(g)


SIZE RANGE41mm to 206mm