Type 93FR

Manufacturer: John Crane

Separation Seal (Non contacting Technology)

The Type 93FR is a non contacting carbon bushing designed to protect dry gas seals from bearing oil ingress. Segments are specifically designed to prevent oil migration. Separation gas (normally nitrogen or air) is injected between the two segmented bushings, effectively creating a pressure barrier between the bearing and dry gas seal cavity. Advanced materials and design eliminate wear under normal running, promoting long service life.

• Non contacting for longer life and improved reliability, low heat generation.

• Runs at low operating pressure differential enabling low gas consumption.

• Specially designed segments further minimize gas consumption.

• Universal design, independent of shaft rotation.

• Will retrofit many traditional carbon bushing rings.

• Suitable for running with nitrogen separation gas irrespective of dew point.

• Self centering design minimizes wear even during upset conditions.

TEMPERATURE LIMITS40°F to 450°F/ 40°C to 230°C

SPEED LIMITS430fps/130m/s

SIZE LIMITS40mm to 375mm, with sleeve to fit all metric or imperial shafts