A and B Series

Manufacturer: Neptune Mixer

A and B Series mixers are Neptune’s economy line of small direct drive mixers. A and B Series mixers are best for small batch mixing applications with very low viscosity fluids.

• Universal motor mount accepts 48 and 56 frame foot-mounted motors
• Motors are available in TEFC or explosion-proof enclosures or air motors
• Off-the-shelf delivery
• Clamp adjusts to any angle

PROPELLER AND SHAFT MATERIAL316SS as standard, PVC coating available


MOTORSTotally-Enclosed Fan-Cooled, Explosion-Proof Enclosures Class 1 Group D, Air Motor

SHAFT LENGTH32" (813 mm) to 35" (889 mm)

SHAFT DIAMETER1/2" (25 mm) to 5/8" (16 mm)