Manufacturer: ABB

ACS255 - micro drive
Application versatility from an expanded voltage range and protection from harsh environments
Expanding the voltage range for ABB IP20 micro drives as well as offering a full voltage range of IP66 drives, the ACS255 drive provides more solutions for basic applications. IP66 drives are ideally suited for food and beverage applications like augers, mixers, conveyors, pumps and fans where the drives are exposed to dust, moisture, and chemicals. Feed-thru wiring in IP20 models facilitates replacing panel mounted motor starters. IP66 models are offered with and without front panel mounted operator controls: Disconnect, speed potentiometer, and FWD-OFF-REV selector switch.


Power range 0.37 to 15 kW/0.5 to 20 Hp
IP20 or IP66 enclosures
Scalar control (600V: Scalar and open loop vector)
Integrated control panel with LED display
Built-in brake chopper in sizes 2 & 3
Built-in Modbus RTU
Application macros and only the essential parameters make commissioning straightforward
IP66 drives can be mounted directly on processing equipment installed in harsh environments