Manufacturer: ABB

ACS880-M04 - machinery drive
Adapts to your machine and makes it run optimally

When you need a performer that adapts precisely to your machine the ACS880-M04 machinery drive fits that purpose perfectly. This high-end machinery drive is designed to control virtually any type of motor accurately and dynamically. It offers IEC 61131-3 programming capabilities for flexible control logic design and seamless integration to all major automation systems. The drive is compatible with the plug-in safety functions module (FSO-12/-21) for enhanced application safety. It can quickly and reliably be connected to a safety PLC through PROFIsafe over PROFINET connection. The ACS880 machinery drives are suitable for industries such as food and beverage, material handling and material forming. Target applications include winders, wire drawing, mixers, cranes and other high-performance applications within machine building.


Excellent performance and compatibility with all kinds of machines
Comprehensive connectivity with a wide range of fieldbus adapters
Good possibilities for customizing the drive with IEC 61311-3 and adaptive programming
Cost and time savings with drive-based functional safety
Removable memory unit for fast drive replacement
Optimized for cabinet assembly
Robust, long life time design
0.37 to 45 kW and 200 to 500 V