ANSI Polyshield

Manufacturer: Structural Technologies

ANSI Polyshield® Systems

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ ANSI Polyshield® is a one-piece polymer concrete foundation and baseplate shell and a removable polymer concrete motor block. Pumps and motors are bolted to the polymer surface with cast-in alloy inserts. Each polymer and motor block accomadates two NEMA (IEC) frame sizes. Within limits, motor blocks may be changed to future frame sizes. Polymer motor blocks are supplied in different heights and insert locations for all ANSI group sizes and motor combinations. Eight pre-engineered foundation sizes for all ANSI and ISO frame designs with NEMA or IEC motors.

Three different polymer concrete materials are stocked:
• Novolac Epoxy (blue)
• Novolac Epoxy (red)
• Vinylester (dark blue)

Alloy inserts are stocked in:
• 316SS
• Alloy 20
• Hastelloy C
• Other alloys are available

• Solid one-piece polymer motor mounting block. Removeable and replaceable for future NEMA (IEC) motor frames. Polyadjust transverse motor block adjusters (4) are standard.
• Polymer surface provides 0.002 inch per foot coplanar flatness. Alloy mounting surfaces provide 0.002 inch per foot coplanar flatness.
• Integral catch basin drain
• Polymer concrete shell with high walls maximizing rigidity and torsional stiffness
• Shells are self-venting while filling, internal walls are sloped venting to grout hole. Polymer grout plugs provided to seal grout holes.