Band Screen CenterMax®

Manufacturer: Huber Technologies

Maximum separation efficiency through reliable screening
Maximum retention of fibres and hair
Operating reliability for membrane bioreactors
Especially for narrow channels and high throughputs
High separation efficiency
The HUBER Band Screen CenterMax® is available in different designs and suitable for numerous applications of solids-liquid separation.

The screen can be equipped with a mesh, perforated plate or a folded perforated plate (Star design), according to the specific application requirements.

Whilst the wastewater flows into the open front side of the screen and out through the screening elements on the left and right side (viewed in flow direction), solids are retained on the inner surface of the screening elements leading to gradual blinding of the surface, which has an impact on the level difference in the channel. Cleaning of the filter elements starts at a defined water level in the channel upstream of the screen. The filter elements start to circulate, thus transporting the screenings upwards and out of the channel.

In the upper part of the screen a spray nozzle bar sprays water onto the surface of the filter element from outside to remove the solids from the surface and flush them into an internal trough installed in the upper part of the screen from where the screenings are discharged by gravity. The screenings are usually treated further in a HUBER Wash Press WAP®.

Model variations
CenterMax® pp - perforated plate screen
HUBER Band Screen CenterMax® with perforated plate, perforations from 1 to 10 mm.
High separation efficiency and retention of fibres and hair.

Typical applications for 1 and 2 mm perforation:
- Protection of hollow-fibre membrane filtration plants
Typical applications for 3 mm perforation:
- Protection of plate membrane filtration plants

CenterMax® Star - folded perforated plate screen
HUBER Band Screen CenterMax® with folded perforated plate, perforations 1 / 1.5 / 2 mm.
Increased screen surface for higher throughputs.
High separation efficiency and retention of fibres and hair.

Typical applications:
- Protection of membrane filtration plants

CenterMax® mesh - square mesh screen
HUBER Band Screen CenterMax® with mesh, mesh sizes from 0.2 up to 0.75 mm.
Maximum separation efficiency and reduction of COD and BOD by 20 – 40%.

Typical applications:
- Load reduction in the preliminary treatment stage
- Replacement for primary settlement tank
- River and sea outfall applications

High throughput capacity – maximum separation efficiency
Also suitable for narrow channels
Economically dimensioned channel and machine
Low life-cycle costs
Easy maintenance and operation
Maximum corrosion protection through stainless steel design and acid treatment in a pickling bath