Blackline Pro

Manufacturer: Pulsafeeder

The Blackline Pro is based on Pulsafeeder's proven mechanical diaphragm pump technology with the addition of a variable speed drive controller.
The unit comes with ten different operating modes, fully configurable, allowing you to fit the pump in any advanced pumping process where the unit needs to be controlled remotely and automatically.
The Blackline Pro comes in a variety of flows and pressures as well as wet end materials allowing you to find the best pumping solution for any application.
A full aluminum gearbox and control unit housing with corrosion resistant EPD coating resulting in one of the most rugged and purposeful metering pumps on the market.
Form follows function: the angled back lit display and single jog dial element, make this an extremely versatile and simple to use metering pump. The Blackline Pro is also available backward compatible meaning you can order as a kit and retro fit to an existing Blackline pump in the field.

10 operating modes to fit any application Constant, Batch, Pause Work, Proximity, Analog mA, Analog Volt, PPM, Pause Percent, MLQ, Pulse
• Intuitive color coded display messages Running, Warning and Alarm
• Variable gearbox orientation from 0 90degrees
• Backwards compatible possible installation on existing Blackline pump
• Aluminum casing with IP65/NEMA4X enclosure protection
• Ergonomical display clear and easy to read
• User friendly JDS Jog dial selector

Pump Head MaterialsPVDF, GFPPL, 316SS

Turndown Ratio500:1 with Blackline Pro


WetendPVDF, PP, 316SS

Seat O Rings AvailablePTFE, PVC, 316SS, Incoloy 825

Balls AvailablePyrex, Hastelloy C 276, 316SS

DiaphragmsRugged double sided PTFE faced with drive side support ring

ConnectionsNPT, BSPT

Pump Controls LinksModbus

Ball Checks AvailablePyrex, 316SS, Hatelloy C 276

Controller DisplayDigital-Color Coded

Accuracy and RepeatabilityReproducibility of +/ 3% of max capacity

AccessoriesBack Pressure Valves Dampeners Pre Engineered Systems Pulsation Dampeners Y Strainers Pressure Relief Valves Y Strainers