Bracket Mount

Manufacturer: Pulsafeeder

The Bracket Mount Mixer provides a means of mounting a mixer to a tank cover or other flat surface. Four 18/8 stainless steel bolts and two rugged 3/8” thick steel brackets hold the mixer securely in place, requiring no additional mixer supports.
All mixers feature a 304 stainless steel shaft with an integral impeller (dual impellers standard on 48” shafts). Special epoxy and vinyl shaft coatings are available for applications where the solution being agitated is not compatible with 304 stainless steel. The shaft is coupled to the motor via a brass adapter which is held securely by four stainless steel set screws.
The mounting bracket is constructed of steel with a corrosion resistant coating and all fasteners are 18/8 stainless steel.
For use without mixer support: Measure the impeller diameter and cut a hole of the appropriate size in the tank lid. Hole should be located so mixer shaft does not make contact with tank wall. Next place the motor (with brackets attached) do the shaft is centered over the hole that was drilled in the proceeding step. Using the bracket holes as a guide, mark the tank cover. Remove mixer assembly. Drill holes large enough for the fasteners in the four marked locations. Reinstall the mixer assembly and fasten securely to the tank cover with the four bolts provided.
Mounting with top support ring: When the Tank System is ordered with a top support ring (TSR), a mounting plate is provided for the bracket mount mixer. The bracket assemblies are removed and the motor mounts directly to the mounting plate of the top support ring. Cut hole in tank lid to accommodate the mixer shaft.

304 SS Shaft
• Epoxy and Vinyl Shaft Coatings Are Available
• Shafts Cut to Length