CFX 50

Manufacturer: MP Pumps

1/2" x 1/2" Chemical Pump
CFX 50
The CFX 50 is a high performance 316 stainless steel circulator end suction centrifugal pump. The high quality steel this chemical pump contains prevents any type of corrosion from happening when pumping hazardous materials. The wide array of applications this end suction chemical pump is geared toward includes the agricultural, commercial, industrial, marine, OEM, and transportation industries.

All pumping parts are 316 stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance when pumping chemical compounds. A carbon / ceramic / Viton bellows shaft seal is standard. The CFX 50 series is available in A/C or D/C drives with 1/2″ NPT and 1″ hose barb port configurations. Marine ignition protected motors available. Pump rotations in 90° degree increments.

APPLICATIONAgricultural, Commercial, Industrial, Marine


FLOWAC – up to 15 GPM, DC – up to 12 GPM

HEAD FEETAC – up to 14', DC – up to 16'

IMPELLER316 stainless steel semi-open

DRIVE OPTIONSClose coupled 115V AC, Close coupled 12V DC, Close coupled 230V AC, Close coupled 24V DC

SEALCarbon / ceramic / Viton bellows 150 PSI, Special seals upon request, Standard carbon / ceramic / Viton