Chem Tech Series XP

Manufacturer: Pulsafeeder

The Chem Tech Series XP with peristaltic technology delivers worry free dosing in a modern design. Each and every component of the Series XP is designed and manufactured for optimum reliability and durability for REAL Performance. The electronic timing circuit in the adjustable'A' Models provides reliable pump control, without relying on mechanical adjustment components that wear out over time. The intuitive interface and controls provide easy operation and the peristaltic design is virtually maintenance free. Tailor made for the water conditioning market, the Series XP offer affordable solutions in both initial cost and operation. A rugged gear train and computer aided peristaltic design ensure long lasting performance.

• Fixed Models Simple and straight forward fixed rate pumps for applications where economy and ease of use are required
• Adjustable Models Electronic timer module provides a 20:1 turndown control for enhanced flexibility
• Pulse Input Models Internal timer accepts pulses from a contacting head water meter Adjustable to run the pumps from (.1 to 1 sec.) (.2 to 10 sec.) or from (1.0 to 60 sec.) per pulse
• Flow Switch Activated Models Activated when flow rate through the included¾" NPT flow switch reaches 1 GPM and deactivated when flow rate is less than 1 gpm
• Dry Contact Input Models Activates pump upon closure of a dry contact switch and deactivates when opened. Pump equipped with a 6' lead for connection to the customer supplied switch
• Timer Models 7 day 8 event electronic timer
• Duplex Head Models Two pump heads to deliver twice the flow or the rated flow of two different chemicals simultaneously
• Tubing Materials Standard norprene tube material in low pressure ratings (extended tube life) / High pressure ratings (meet demanding system requirements) / Fluran tubing (greater chemical resistance: contact technical service for compatibility)

Turndown Ratio20:1 Adjustable Model

EnclosuresNEMA 3R / IP31 (in Horizontal Position)

Tubing AvailableNorprene Low Pressure, Norprene High Pressure, Fluran

Connection Size Available0.25", 0.38"

Power Input115 VAC-60 HZ-1/6 HP, 230 VAC-50/60 HZ, 230 VAC-60 HZ

DriveFixed Rate-On/Off Only-Duplex Head-Dry Contact Input-Flow Switch Activated-7Day 8Event Electronic Timer, Adjustable-20:1 Turn Down-Duplex Head-Dry Contact Input-Flow Switch Activated, Pulse Input-.1 to 1 Second Timer-.2 to 10 Second Timer-1 to 60 Second Timer

Product Options• Adjustable • Duplex Head • Pulse Input • Dry Contact • Flow Switch Activated • 7 Day 8 Event Electronic Timer • 15 or 35 Gallon Tank System or 15 Gallon ITS System

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