Chembase Plus

Manufacturer: ITT Goulds

Most chemical pumps today run on corrosive services or in highly corrosive environments. When considering the purchase of a new pump, don't overlook the most important item the baseplate! Without a solid, easy to install, corrosion resistant baseplate you increase the risk of problems on site as well as increase your overall costs.

Goulds ChemBase Plus baseplates are made from state of the art polymers which offer exceptional flatness, vibration damping, corrosion resistance and rigidity at a fraction of the cost of a steel base. The ChemBase Plus can save you over 50% compared to a conventional steel baseplate with similar features and special surface preparation and even more if you use stainless steel!

The ChemBase Plus significantly reduces the chance of having problems with installation due to twisting or diaphragming and requires less grout and cure time than conventional steel baseplates.

Goulds ChemBase Plus has your application covered!

• Flat mounting surfaces to 0.001 inch per foot for easy, accurate alignment
• High strength proprietary material bonding process ensures highest strength and rigidity of any polymer baseplate on the market today
• Superior resistance to twisting and diaphragming
• Corrosion resistant to most chemicals
• Low risk, low cost installation as it eliminates problems caused by improper grouting
• Most bases supplied standard with multiple inserts for various motor frame sizes
• ASME / ANSI 1991 dimensionally compliant
• Integral drip pan with 3/4 inch CPVC drain connection
• Very low maintenance