Chemflo 9 Pedestal

Manufacturer: MP Pumps

2" x 1" Chemical Pump
When pumping toxic materials is required for your application, high grade stainless steel components are necessary. Utilizing all wetted 316 stainless steel throughout its centrifugal design, this heavy duty chemical pump easily withstands the harmful effects of hazardous compounds. The CHEMFLO® 9 Pedestal end suction centrifugal pump also comes with a variety of mechanical seals to fit your every need.
The ChemFlo® 9 pumps utilize an enclosed impeller designed for achieving higher heads and efficiencies than a standard semi-open impeller. Multiple impeller trims allow the ChemFlo® 9 to meet most duty points up to 270 GPM and total head up to 460 feet. Several mechanical seal options are available in addition to the standard type 2100 carbon / ceramic / Viton mechanical seal.
All wetted components are 316 investment cast stainless steel providing superior corrosion resistance when pumping chemical compounds. The Chemflo® 9 pedestal uses a pump end (PumPAK®) design that is interchangeable with 145TC, 184TC, 215TC, 256TC, 286TSC, or 324TS electric motors. If ordering a PumPAK® with a 145TC please note that the electric motor must have a base.

SUCTION AND DISCHARGE2" x 1-1/2" 150# ANSI flange

APPLICATIONAgricultural, Commercial, Industrial, Marine, OEM


FLOWUp to 270 GPM

HEAD FEETUp to 460'

IMPELLER9.95" enclosed, cast 316 SS

MOTORClose coupled 184TC, Close coupled 215TC, Close coupled 256TC, Close coupled 286TC, Close coupled 324TS, Pedestal, PumPAK®

DRIVE OPTIONSSpecial seal material combinations available (consult factory), Standard carbon / ceramic / Viton

SEAL316 stainless steel