Chemical Feed Systems

Manufacturer: Madden Pump

Made in the USA
Madden Chemical Feed Systems offer the following combination of equipment to meet your chemical addition application’s needs: a platform, a tank for mixing and storing chemical solutions, a mixer, a Madden diaphragm metering pump to inject the chemical solution, and suction and relief piping.
We build our chemical feed systems per spec, so nearly all of our systems are customized and built to order; with the equipment and features specified by the end user or end user’s engineering firm. If you don’t already have a design in mind, let us know about your project and we can help design a system to meet your needs.
Madden Pump is also a great resource to work with designing and building specifically boiler water treatment chemical feed systems.
• Designing: to be clear, we do not claim to be an engineering firm who can design any and all chemical injection applications from scratch; but we are certainly a good resource to start with and have over 65 years of knowledge in this industry. We can help make recommendations to your existing specifications and P & ID’s to make your thoughts go from paper to reality. And if we can’t fully help with the design phase, we most certainly know a firm that can.
• Tanks: durable polyethylene tanks and 316 stainless steel tanks. Hinged lids and piping connections will be included. Sizes from 30 to 110 gallon capacity are standard on the polyethylene tanks, with optional sizes available to meet any storage capacity requirement. Stainless steel tanks can be completely customized per application requirements.
• Metering Pumps: Madden diaphragm metering type pumps are used to inject chemicals into the necessary operating system or process line. Madden pumps are industrial grade, heavy duty construction, with adjustable output control. Output from 2 gallons per day for the smallest pump, to 360 gallons per hour for the largest. See our metering pumps page for complete pump details.
• Industrial Mixers: Madden high speed, medium speed, slow speed, or variable speed mixers are used to mix and agitate the chemical solution. Stainless steel shafts and propellers are standard. See our industrial mixers page for more details on our capabilities such as shaft length options and multiple propellers.
• Platforms & Skids: the platforms offered be Madden are welded steel construction designed to support the filled tank, and serve as a mounting for the mixer, pump and piping. Platforms raise tank 16″ from the floor to enable easy access by the operator. Custom platforms for multiple tanks and pumps are available. Standard finish is acrylic enamel paint, with highly corrosion resistant epoxy primer with polyurethane paint top coat as an option. We also offer steel or stainless steel skids for chemical feed system mounting.
• Control Panels & Accessory Equipment: Madden Pump offers steel and stainless steel, NEMA 12 and NEMA 4X enclosures for the control panel. Control panels often include on/off buttons for all motors, pilot lights for high/low level in the tanks, and a name plate if specified.
o And there’s about everything else under the sun that can be added to these systems; such as foot valves, strainers, check valves, relief valves, dampeners, back pressure valves, and so on. We have you covered there as well.