Closed-Loop System with Shell and Tube Exchanger

Manufacturer: Delta Cooling Towers

Closed-Loop System with Shell & Tube Exchanger

Certain processes require a closed-loop, whereby the process water for cooling does not come in contact with the atmospheric air. This prevents the cooling water from picking up particles that may not get filtered or even dissolved gases. Closed-loop cooling requires more energy and has higher initial and life-cycle costs than an open cooling tower, but provides an added protection to expensive processes or chillers being cooled.

• Can be used in systems with higher operating temperatures and pressures
• Pressure drop across a shell and tube cooler is less
• Tube leaks are easily located and plugged since pressure test is comparatively easy
• Shell and tube heat exchangers in refrigeration system can act as receiver also
• Better solution when fluid has high risk of clogging plate heat exchanger
• Heat transfer efficiency is less compared to plate type heat exchanger, wider approach temperatures
• Cleaning and maintenance can be difficult since a tube cooler requires enough clearance at one end to remove the tube nest
• Capacity of tube cooler cannot be increased easily
• Requires more space in comparison to plate heat exchangers