Custom Polyshield

Manufacturer: Structural Technologies

Custom Polyshield® Systems

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ Custom Polyshield® is a polymer concrete foundation and baseplate shell with large and thick alloy mounting surfaces for affixing both the pump and motor. The unit is designed to accommodate large end suction, split case, double suction and axial flow pumps with NEMA and non-NEMA motor frames. Custom Polyshields allow large pumps and motors to be installed quickly and reduce installation cost compared to fabricated metal baseplates!

Polymer Material Options:
• Novolac Epoxy (blue)
• Novolac Epoxy (red)
• Vinylester (dark blue

Alloy inserts are stocked in:
• 316SS
• Alloy 20
• Hastelloy C
• Other alloys are available

• Large and thick alloy pads for affixing pump and motor.
• Removable 316SS transverse jack bolts for motor adjustment.
• Machine mounting pads coplanar flatness to 0.002”/ft.