Manufacturer: ITT Goulds

Goulds CWX Pumps for Abrasive Slurries.
Single Stage, Enclosed Impeller, Back Pull Out Process Pumps for Abrasive Slurries. The model CW/CWX horizontal pumps are designed to efficiently pump liquids with abrasive solids in suspension. With wear parts made of HC600 chrome iron, the CW/CWX pumps give long life and superior performance in all types of slurry applications. The model CWX with Shearpeller has air and solids handling capabilities significantly superior to conventional design.

• Capacities to 5000 GPM (1136 m3/h)
• Heads to 350 feet (107 m)
• Pressures to 175 PSIG (1206 kPa)
• Solids to 4.5 inches (114 mm)