Defender® FP-Series

Manufacturer: Evoqua Water Technologies

Introducing the newest Defender® regenerative media filter, the FP-Series, designed to deliver maximum performance for swim schools, health clubs and other small to medium size commercial aquatics venues committed to providing their guests with exceptional water quality and the lowest operational costs.
Owners of facilities such as swim schools, health clubs and other similar size venues can achieve significant operational savings compared to conventional sand filtration, including:
• up to 90% less water wasted in backwashing
• up to 50% less energy consumption
• up to 30% less chemical usage
In addition, the amount of space required for filtration systems can be reduced by up to 75%.
With a small footprint in terms of both size and cost, the FP-Series is BIG on capability, packing many features found in our legendary Defender® RMF product line. With the FP-Series an expanded portion of the commercial aquatics market segment can now take advantage of the same capabilities and quality found in all of our Defender® filters!
Sand and regenerative media filters (RMFs) both operate on the principle of mechanical filtration. Sand filters trap particles in water throughout the depth of their sand bed. When the bed becomes dirty/loaded, it is cleaned by backwashing, a process that sends considerable amounts of water to drain. RMFs trap particles on the surface of flexible tubes coated with perlite media. When the perlite becomes loaded, RMFs regenerate by bumping, a process in which no water is lost. RMFs provide 1 micron particulate removal delivering unsurpassed safe and clear water.
The FP-Series RMF is revolutionary in how it operates. Constructed from corrosion-resistant fiberglass (FRP), the filter features our patent pending* PowerBump™ System. As opposed to bumping by pneumatically raising/lowering a tube sheet, the FP-Series bumps hydraulically, using only the flow of water. Doing so delivers a more powerful regeneration, driving 25 times more water through the flexible tube elements and creating a 40% stronger impulse. It also eliminates moving parts thereby simplifying design, improving reliability, and facilitating maintenance.

Flow Rate, Minimum: m³/hr24

Flow Rate, Minimum: gpm107

Flow Rate, Maximum: gpm300