Delta Pak

Manufacturer: Delta Cooling Towers

Delta Pak
Delta-Pak® is a highly efficient, low fouling propriety structured tower packing, manufactured by Delta, that is often the preferred mass transfer media.
Delta-Pak® is a specifically formed PVC, spirally wound structured packing media, which, when installed in an air stripper, becomes a series of long, parallel tubes the length and diameter of the column. This design permits a large volume of uncontaminated airflow, which in turn facilitates efficient stripping.
This unique Delta-Pak® media has proven very successful removing compounds that have low Henry’s Law Constants, (a relative measure of volatility), such as ammonia and pesticides, which are considered difficult to strip.
Another significant advantage of Delta-Pak® is its resistance to fouling which can cause significant field construction expense in “re-packing” an operating tower. Mineral buildup restricts airflow which reduces efficiency and can jeopardize performance. Since Delta-Pak® is designed to operate at much higher air flows than random packing, contaminant removal efficiency remains high by comparison, and the problems of flooding, bridging, etc. are significantly reduced.
Delta-Pak® has become the packing of choice when groundwater contains high mineral content. Actual experience with applications containing high levels of dissolved iron has demonstrated that Delta-Pak® structured packing operates efficiently several times longer than random packing.
The heart of any air stripper is the packing or mass transfer media. Operational parameters (such as a compound’s ease of removal), the mineral content of the water which can induce fouling, and air flow requirements as related to the necessity for vapor phase treatment, often dictate a preferred packing media.
Delta designs and supplies strippers utilizing all packing types and will recommend the most suitable for your specific situation. Delta can provide any type and size of commercially available random tower packing, in addition to Delta-Pak®.