Eclipse Non Metallic

Manufacturer: Pulsafeeder Engineered Products

Suitable for both transfer and metering applications in water treatment and chemical processing, NSF/ANSI 61 Eclipse pumps can handle a wide range of volume flows, connection sizes, fluid viscosities and temperatures.

Available in PVDF or 316 SS, Eclipse pumps ensure corrosion resistance against a wide range of chemicals, making Eclipse ideally suited to handle acids, caustics, polymers, flocculants, resins, solvents & scale inhibitors.

Exposure to harsh chemicals from a leaking pump can cause respiratory issues for employees. Magnetically driven sealless Eclipse pumps offer fewer points of failure. Zero leaks prevent harsh chemicals from damaging the pump, plant personnel or other equipment.

With just a few moving parts, Eclipse's patented front pull out design is reliable and easy to maintain. Easy access to the inner workings enables the pump to be maintained in place with a minimum number of tools minimizing downtime and eliminating the need to move the pump to a repair shop. Pulsafeeder's KOP (Keep on Pumping) kits provide all of the spare parts required to return the pump to as new condition.