EZ 1

Manufacturer: John Crane

General purpose Single Cartridge Metal Bellows Seal

The EZ 1® universal package adapts easily to most media, as key markets include chemical, pulp and paper, wastewater, food processing and power generation. The benefits of the EZ 1 include: flush port versatility; corrosion resistant Alloy 20 or Alloy C 276 bellows; availability with hard faces for abrasive media; unique design that minimizes the number of O rings; enlarged seal chamber version available; and self centering, slide on and tighten cartridge design for fast and easy installation.

• Fits ANSI standard and enlarged bore seal chamber and DIN pumps.

• Compact and easy to install.

• Only one moving part: the bellows.

• Eliminates O ring "hang up" problems.

• Self cleaning bellows design.

• No small springs to clog.

• Flush port versatility.

• Available in Alloy 20 or Alloy C 276.

• Available with hard face combination for abrasive services.

TEMPERATURE LIMITS20°F to 400°F/ 30°C to 200°C

PRESSURE LIMITSVacuum to 300 psi(g)/20 bar(g)

SPEED LIMITS4500fpm/25m/s