Manufacturer: Rheinhuette Pumps


• Protected - For the toughest assignments – for example solids loads of > 5% or with high vapor pressures – the external flushing permanently protects the sensitive areas of the pump using pure medium.
• Reliable - Highly durable PFA (inside) and stable CFK (outside) hermetically seal the pump – with no eddy currents and vacuum-tight. Solid ceramic spacer caps increase the level of safety when working with very difficult media.
• Advanced - A modern and robust bearing concept with high-quality radial ball bearings which are lubricated for their whole life-span ensures smooth running and operational reliability. High-performance magnets deliver traction even at temperatures ranging from -30 to 190°C.
• Efficient - The fully pre-mounted unit comprising impeller and internal magnet system saves time during fitting and costs associated with keeping items in stock. The magnet cartridge is very easy to fit! It does not require any prior knowledge or any readjustments.
• Innovative - A solid, large-scale slide bearing made from high-purity silicon carbide (SiC) tolerates rough operating conditions and guarantees ease of handling at all times when carrying out maintenance work. Friction-optimised surfaces ensure maximum operational reliability in the event of dry running or a lack of lubrication.
• Individual - Let us help you to select the best hydraulic materials from technical or economical points of view: PFA, PTFE, PVDF, PE 1000 or PP – lined or full material. All versions are compatible with one another. A solid, completely closed cast armour provides protection from pipeline forces and UV rays. We adapt our 15 standard hydraulic units to reflect your specific requirements – for example with low negative NPSHa or with large delivery heights.

• Standard: EN 22858 (ISO 2858), ISO 5199
• Design: horizontal, single-stage
• Construction: back-pull-out design
• Casing design: single or double volute casing
• Impeller: closed
• Axial thrust balancing: by balancing holes
• Bearing lubrication: lifetime grease lubrication
• Sleeve bearing lubrication: by the pumped medium or external lubrication*
• Installation versions: base plate, base frame or stilt mounting
• Ambient temperature: -20°C to +60°C
• Solid content limit value: ca. 3 %

*only on request


DesignStandardized Chemical Pump (ISO 2858, ISO 5199)

SizeDN 25 - DN 100

CapacityQmax. = 350 m3/h

HeadHmax. = 100 m

Temperature-40 °C to +190 °C

Nominal Pressure16 bar