Grab Screen TrashLift

Manufacturer: Huber Technologies

Cable operated coarse screen for:

Protection of pumping station
Seawater intake
Surface water intake
Sewage treatment plants
The HUBER Grab Screen TrashLift reliably removes of bulky material with high operating reliability and can be easily retrofitted into existing channels.

Waste water is screend via a coarse bar screen / trash rack with the collected screenings being removed by a hoisted grab cleaner. The HUBER Grab Screen Trashlift is operated in a cyclical operation mode with the grab cleaner being mounted to two load ropes and one grab-control rope hoisted by a three winch system. Opening and closing of the grab cleaner is achieved by an independent winch. For an optimum discharge of the collected screenings a scraper automatically discharges the screenings and cleans out the grab cleaner.

Screen sizes:

Screen width: up to 4,000 mm. Wider on request
Discharge height above channel floor: up to 30 m.
Deeper on request
Bar spacings: ≥ 20 mm
Installation angle: 70-90°

All parts in contact with medium (except the drive and bearings) are made of immersion pickled stainless steel
Sea water application: All machine parts can be designed to fit necessary requirements

The benefits of the HUBER Grab Screen TrashLift
Reliable removal of bulky material with high operating reliability
Easy to retrofit into existing channels
Installation without channel recesses possible
High capacity grab with replacable rake teeth
Two speed control of grab cleaner: Maximize screenings discharge capacity
Optimum cable routing: Maximize cable lifetime
Scraper and traversing grab atdischarge position: Optimum screenings discharge