Gravisand® Sand Filter Systems

Manufacturer: Evoqua Water Technologies

• Prevents media leakage and irreversible fouling
• Provides maximum media cleaning without ancillary mechanical equipment
• Eliminates seal face wear and side loading of the traveling bridge
• Accomplishes superior cleaning by allowing the bridge to remain stationary at the index point
• Conveniently retrofits ineffective filters to the Gravisand technology
• Saves on installation and equipment costs by eliminating the need for cell dividers

Gravisand®​ filtration system technology incorporates the principles and advantages of conventional traveling bridge designs but uses improved methods of accomplishing and maintaining filtration and regeneration. Gravisand Systems are a favorite among wastewater treatment plant operators because of their exceptionally low life-cycle costs and their legendary effectiveness in wastewater applications.

Gravisand® filtration systems are ideal for use after suspended growth systems, for tertiary polishing and water reclamation, and algae removal with appropriate configuration.