Grit Treatment Process RoSF 5-HW

Manufacturer: Huber Technologies

Treatment of grit from wastewater treatment plants, sewer systems and of refuse and oil grit by means of a Wash Drum / Grit Washer
 Loss on ignition of the grit/gravel fraction < 3%  Coarse material separation size of 10 mm  Reduced disposal costs Consisting of:  Acceptance station with horizontal dosing screw  Coarse material separation  Grit classifying and washing  Optional Conditioning of circulation water

 Reduction of organics in the grit/gravel fraction to < 3% loss on ignition
 Reduction in disposal volumes and costs
 Maximum minerals yield
 > 95% capture rate of 0.20 – 0.25 mm diameter grit particles
 Coarse material separation size of 10 mm, i.e. road gravel is contained within the fraction and not in the residue!
 Allows for reuse of the mineral material
 Manufactured entirely of stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance