Handte Vortex

Manufacturer: Camfil

The Handte Vortex is a combination of centrifugal and water separator with a downstream ventilator which works on the water swirl principle.

• For applications such as grinding and fine finishing where dust loading is low and a small footprint is required
• For sticky dusts containing fibers
• The safest solution when dealing with flammable/combustible materials
• No filter elements required
• Low maintenance

ApplicationFor dust sticky dusts containing fibers the Vortex offers a highly effective solution. The particle laden air impacts or skims over the surface of the water (the scrubbing liquid). Some of the liquid flows through a vortex zone within the unit which creates turbulence and atomizes the liquid into fine droplets. These fine droplets mix with the particle laden air stream and are then removed by centrifugal force.

CommentThe Physical Active Principle: Particles dispersed in the gas stream are brought into contact with a scrubbing fluid in order to bind them. This requires the generation of a phase interface as large as possible between the gas (air) and the liquid. The gas stream is then deflected whereby the inertia causes the particles to move to the surface of the liquid where they are contained. The Handte Vortex : Made special for dealing with fibers and fluff, including sticky materials The Handte Vortex Dual: Extreme versatility combined with robust design to meet a wide variety of applications.