High-Temperature Graphite Braided Packings

Manufacturer: John Crane

High-temperature Graphite Braided Packings
John Crane styles 1625G, 1626, 1635G and N1635 are the ultimate in packing, offering the ability to perform in both high temperatures and a full range of chemical services. These packings meet the demands of today’s high-performance requirements. Constructed of the highest quality, continuous filament graphite fibers, provide superior sealability and heat dissipation with minimal flush.
Highly lubricous, these densely braided products offer reduced process contamination and ease of start-up, installation and adjustments. These styles feature dimensional stability, which helps to ensure even gland load distribution and promote longer packing life.

All-in Atmosphere up to -300°F to 850°F/-185°C to 455°C
All-in Steam 1200°F/650°C
1625G/1626 pump: 500 psi(g)/34 bar(g)
1625G/1626 valve: 2,500 psi(g)/170 bar(g)
1625G/1626: 4000fpm/20m/s
1635G/N1635: 2500fpm/12.5m/s
0 to 14
Recommended Applications
• Process pumps
• Mixer and agitators
• Other rotating equipment
• Valves

• California Residents: PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
• 1625G — Graphite fiber with a light PTFE dispersion coating fills the void and assists in reducing friction associated with the start-up and break-in period.
• 1626 — Graphite fiber with a proprietary colloidal graphite dispersion, which permeates the packing cross-section while leaving an enriched graphite surface coating that enhancs lubricity and heat dissipation.
• 1635G — Constructed of high-purity graphite fibers pre-coated at the time of manufacture and containing no PTFE.
• N1635 — Constructed of the highest-purity graphite fibers certifiably compliant with Mil-P-24583 and General Electric specification NEDC 31795.
• Applications — Static or dynamic/chemicals, solvents, corrosives, water, steam, ammonia, air, oils, paper stock, liquor, condensate, boiler feed water.
• Standard sizes — Styles 1625G, 1626, 1635G, and N1635 are available in standard cross-section sizes from 1/8" to 1" in 1/16" increments.
• As John Crane spools, these standard sizes are available for immediate shipment. Metric and larger sizes are available upon request. Packing can be die-formed to exact dimensions for ease of installation and enhanced performance.